After a brief hiatus to make room for Gen Con, The Dungeon Bastard Guide to Class Warfare is BACK.

And THIS TIME we’re changing gears as I take on THE GLITTERBOY!

Extrude your laser-tipped drilling pylons, kiddos! You’re in for a ROUGH RIDE!!

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Enter the GAMEHOLE!

…It’s like an octagon, but it has 20 sides and every one of them KICKS ASS.

Actually gamers, it’s a convention in Madison, Wisconsin and I WILL BE THERE November 1st-3rd along with such table top luminaries as Frank Mentzer, Jen Page, Ernie Gygax, Tom Wham, Chris Perkins, and Jeff Easley! Check out the full list!

Need more info? Need some motivation? Need a Dungeon Bastard video?

The answer is YES. YES! YES!!!

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AFTER HOURS… with Rodney Thompson!

In this latest installment of the Dungeon Bastard AFTER HOURS, I hang out with game designer Rodney Thompson. We talk about his first D&D game, the inherent dichotomies involved in being a nerd jock, and whether or not Rodney is, AS ALL EVIDENCE INDICATES, a DOPPELGANGER.

We also roll up some OLD SCHOOL characters going 3d6 RIGHT DOWN THE LINE.

The results… are predictably awful.


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One on One with Amanda Valentine!

Editor, designer, gamer, geek… Amanda Valentine wears many hats.

I check in with her about Gen Con, gaming with kids, and the ENnies in this quick interview!

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One on One with MIKE MEARLS

Watch me go head-to-head with Mike Mearls at a Night with D&D in my FAKE TRIVIA CHALLENGE.

Note: I made up fake trivia questions, Mr. Mearls DID NOT.


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After Hours… with Joanna Gaskell

Gamers, Joanna Gaskell is a lady of many fine talents: writer/producer/star of the excellent series Standard Action, she has a game review show called Starlit Citadel Reviews, and she’s appeared in various Zombie Orpheus projects like Gamers: Hands of Fate. Back in May I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with her at Berserkon.

At Gen Con, I got the chance to take her on a brief horse-drawn carriage tour of Indianapolis where we talked board games, Gen Con vs Comic Con, gamer funk, and what is up with all the motorcycles. SERIOUSLY.



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Own the ACTUAL Maps from the World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl

wwdc_map_ebayHey gamers, as part of the World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl live event I used two full rolls of Gaming Paper. This allowed me to LITERALLY scroll through the action as it progressed without having to redraw anything. It was fast, fun, and easy. I couldn’t have run the event in under three hours without it.

And now you can own the maps from the actual play experience.

After the game, I autographed the maps and turned them over to Erik Bauer, owner of Gaming Paper. He also volunteers with MacKenzie’s Animal Sanctuary, the largest no-kill rescue shelter in the Midwest. I love dogs and I absolutely believe in their mission.

To help support the work of the shelter, Erik has posted the full set of maps on eBay. This is a UNIQUE item and — in my NOT so humble opinion — a part of GAMING HISTORY. To my knowledge, this is the only way to get your own copy of the maps in full-size roll format without, y’know, buying some GP Rolls and drawing them yourself. And, most importantly, all proceeds benefit MacKenzie’s.

Click here to bid.

So, own a cool piece of the project AND help abandoned animals find a new home.


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After Hours… With GeekyLyndsay

Here’s ANOTHER installment of The Dungeon Bastard… AFTER HOURS. My special guest? Lyndsay Peters.

We talk about Gloom, Gen Con, the Doom That Came To Atlantic City, washing your luggage, and I play the piano! Or, more accurately, I touch the piano. REPEATEDLY.

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The Dungeon Bastard AFTER HOURS with STAN!

I am proud to announce a new long-form segment called The Dungeon Bastard… AFTER HOURS

Don’t worry, I don’t parade around in a smoking jacket and make demeaning sexist remarks.

I do, however, get to hang out with cool geeks and talk gaming, Gen Con, and whatever else comes up.

First on the docket: game designer and all around nice guy, STAN!

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The Complete Guide To Gen Con!

Gamers, this year I was honored to provide the official coverage of Gen Con.

We started on Wednesday with the pre-con warm-up and kept charging hard right on through Saturday. (Sunday I was *AHEM* otherwise occupied.)

In case you missed an installment… here is THE COMPLETE MADNESS.

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