You know gamers, the CONCEPT of the thief is pretty great.

Actually PLAYING the thief, on the other hand… Let’s be honest, they might as well ditch the class altogether and just make SCAPEGOAT a playable race.

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Trick or Lose 10d6 SAN

This is why you don’t make blood sacrifices in the pumpkin patch, people!


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It’s cool to be the wizard. Right?




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The Paladin!

“Law and good deeds are the meat and drink of paladins.”

Then why do so many people play them like they’re turbocharged on Twinkies and Mountain Dew??

I hate this class. LET’S FIND OUT WHY:

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The Fighter(s)

A fighter, a ranger, and a barbarian walk into a bar… NO ONE WALKS OUT!

This week in my ongoing guide to picking the ultimate class I take a look at the Fighter and two of its main subclasses: ranger and barbarian.

Sure the Fighter kicks ass. But WHICH fighter? And which ass?

(The answer is: ALL THE ASS!)

Ok, I’m pretty sure I just got my blog listed on all the wrong web searches. LET’S WATCH THE VIDEO!


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After a brief hiatus to make room for Gen Con, The Dungeon Bastard Guide to Class Warfare is BACK.

And THIS TIME we’re changing gears as I take on THE GLITTERBOY!

Extrude your laser-tipped drilling pylons, kiddos! You’re in for a ROUGH RIDE!!

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Enter the GAMEHOLE!

…It’s like an octagon, but it has 20 sides and every one of them KICKS ASS.

Actually gamers, it’s a convention in Madison, Wisconsin and I WILL BE THERE November 1st-3rd along with such table top luminaries as Frank Mentzer, Jen Page, Ernie Gygax, Tom Wham, Chris Perkins, and Jeff Easley! Check out the full list!

Need more info? Need some motivation? Need a Dungeon Bastard video?

The answer is YES. YES! YES!!!

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AFTER HOURS… with Rodney Thompson!

In this latest installment of the Dungeon Bastard AFTER HOURS, I hang out with game designer Rodney Thompson. We talk about his first D&D game, the inherent dichotomies involved in being a nerd jock, and whether or not Rodney is, AS ALL EVIDENCE INDICATES, a DOPPELGANGER.

We also roll up some OLD SCHOOL characters going 3d6 RIGHT DOWN THE LINE.

The results… are predictably awful.


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One on One with Amanda Valentine!

Editor, designer, gamer, geek… Amanda Valentine wears many hats.

I check in with her about Gen Con, gaming with kids, and the ENnies in this quick interview!

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One on One with MIKE MEARLS

Watch me go head-to-head with Mike Mearls at a Night with D&D in my FAKE TRIVIA CHALLENGE.

Note: I made up fake trivia questions, Mr. Mearls DID NOT.


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