Now Accepting Applications For Membership!

The Badass Dungeon Crushers Association!

The BDCA is an international organization of hardcore gaming enthusiasts dedicated to excellence in role-playing games.

If you’re looking for Gamers who share your interest in role-playing games, and if you want to know how to game like an ULTIMATE BADASS, join the BDCA Network.

It was created for just a few ELITE gamers. Do you have what it takes to join our illustrious ranks? Take our simple 10-step quiz and find out if you qualify!




You are creating a new character. What class do you choose?

You must choose a race. You pick:

Your favored weapon is:

Choose from the following Feats:

Your DM *insists* you spend some Skill points. You:

Choose an Alignment:

Travelling on a country road, you meet a skinny halfling clad in ragged clothes. He claims to be a cobbler and offers to shine your shoes for 2 copper. You:

You stand before the ruins of an ancient keep. A weathered set of stone stairs leads deep into the forbidden dungeons. A few scattered skulls and dried, broken bones suggest the stairway may be trapped. You:

Deep in the dungeon, you encounter a huge minotaur and a powerful necromancer. His undead minions quickly drain most of the party. The cleric is down, the wizard is out of spells, and the thief just quaffed the last potion of healing. You have ONE hit point. You...

It's time to divvy up the treasure. The method of choice is to:

Click submit and find out if you are ADVENTURER enough to be a BADASS DUNGEON CRUSHER!!!

13 Responses to Now Accepting Applications For Membership!

  1. Louis says:

    I laughed so fucking hard at this quiz.

  2. ClemLOR says:

    Awesome Uber-Elite!
    *waiting for the three magic words …*

  3. Johnn Four says:

    I laughed so hard 3d4 came out my nose.

    love it!

  4. Max Black says:

    Pure Awesomesauce.

  5. Shawn McNulty says:

    @Johnn — that sounds painful

  6. Metalcoin says:

    Quizzes are for hollow-boned weaklings who wouldn’t know a trident from a fork. The only question I need answered is “where am I in the initiative order?”.

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  11. Badass Bubba Downs says:

    This test is awesomesauce on a platter.

  12. Eddie says:

    Truly one of the great things on the web. when i told my players you were the inspiration behind my DM skills…their exact words, “Oh God…”. priceless.

  13. bob says:

    The fun thing about playing a bard is you get to totally annoy not only the players at your table but the players/dms at nearby tables.
    In an attempt to inspire the bard can break out in song replaying the last five minutes of battle. Elaborating on each hit/miss from both the players and the NPCs. The effect of a Barfs tale is all that can hear/perceive the performance. The trick is to make sure you sing/tale your tales with the volume up to 11 so that the entire room can perceive your performance. *note; songs sung to the theme from Gilligan’s Island will result in physical pain to both the player and the character.

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