GEN CON Bingo!

It’s the game-within-a-game-convention game!

Click for full-size version

Print and play, or pick up your deluxe hardcopy version at the Fat Dragon Games booth #809!

And don’t forget – I’ll be roaming the halls in-person to recruit UBER ELITE Members of the BADASS DUNGEON CRUSHERS ASSOCIATION. Just speak the SECRET passphrase “Barbarian Rage!”

Sharpen your dice, gamers. I’ll see you at the CON!

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3 Responses to GEN CON Bingo!

  1. Tim Riley says:

    And remember that razor edge dice gave up +2 bonus to damage.

  2. Rob says:

    I was honored to meet the Bastard today.
    The highlight of my first Gencon.
    Inspiring as a DM, a player and as a filmmaker.

    My DM will be so jealous he may kill my character…. again.

  3. Robb says:

    Meeting the Bastard was also a highlight for me. The Bingo Card was easily the coolest piece of Free Swag I was able to pick up.

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