Gen Con 2012: Your Guide To All Things Bastardly

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SOUND THE HORN OF VALHALLA! It’s time once again for the annual Gathering of the Gamers: GEN CON!

I’m proud to announce that once again I will be prowling all four days of this exorbitant celebration of gamer geekery. LET’S BREAK IT DOWN:

BDCA Recruiting in the Exhibitor Hall

Random. I will be wandering at random. Like a gelatinous cube.

Only an elite few will be judged worthy to join the exclusive ranks of the BADASS DUNGEON CRUSHERS ASSOCIATION. Simply call out the SECRET passphrase (“BARBARIAN RAGE!”) when you spot me roaming the call and — if I judge you WORTHY — you will be inducted into the BDCA on the spot. This prestigious status comes with it’s own ELITE BDCA Membership Card! So stay alert on the convention floor and be prepared to answer some GRUELING questions about your gaming style.



Thursday 5pm & 9pm. Friday: 1pm ICC Hall E

For 33 years now, the NAtional ASsociation of CRAzed Gamers has run a top-notch, fully-independent tournament at Gen Con. With its unique focus on character, role-playing, and puzzle-solving, NASCRAG has earned a reputation for its challenging — yet zany — twist on the fantasy RPG genre. This year’s event, Harsh Realities, uses Paizo’s Pathfinder rules and the Friday slots are nearly sold out! If you are up to the challenge of this decidedly NON-hack-and-slash 3-round tournament, join us Thursday at 5pm or 9pm in ICC Hall E! Right next to the Exhibitor’s Hall!


Gen Con Indy Film Fest – The Dungeon Bastard Panel

Friday 3:30pm. Westin Grand Ballroom I

I’m honored to be included as an Official Selection of the 2012 Gen Con Indy Film Festival. Come to the Westin Grand Ballroom I on Friday and pick the brain of the series star and creator, Tom Lommel. Hear how the series started, how production works, and maybe — JUST MAYBE — the Dungeon Bastard himself will show up to shame and humiliate any pathetic gnome illusionists who somehow infiltrated the hall. I DISBELIEVE!!


The ENnies

Cocktail Hour Friday 6:30. Awards Ceremony: 8pm. Union Station Grand Ballroom



Meet the Bastard!

Saturday 11am-Noon. Fat Dragon Games booth #809

If you want it signed, blessed, or set on fire at the hands of the Dungeon Bastard, this is your chance! Want a photo? -I hope your camera has an “AWESOME” filter! Plus, it’s your opportunity to tell us what you’d like to see from FDG’s official new supplement for your game: The Dungeon Bastard Guide to Traps! Stop by the booth and take your game to the NEXT level — EPIC LEVEL!!

*In accordance with convention security and safety policies, nothing will actually be set on fire. Except your THIRST FOR ADVENTURE!!


D&D Improv: Whose Roll Is It Anyway??

Saturday 5pm. ICC 139.

The Dungeon Bastard joins host Michael Robles, along with James Wyatt, Steve Townshend and a GIANT D20 for an improvised D&D adventure based on suggestions from YOU THE AUDIENCE! (Note: if your suggestion is lame, I *will* come down off the stage and administer some impromptu Dungeon Justice. THAT’S NOT A CHALLENGE.) Join me for an event that’s GUARANTEED to be unpredictable.


That’s the line-up gamers! I’LL SEE YOU AT THE CON!

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