Last Day to win a DREAM DATE to the ENnies! LET’S JUICE THIS THING.

HELLO GAMERS. There’s just one day left to snatch up a DREAM DATE to the ENnies and my namby-pamby doppelganger just isn’t getting it done. So the old DUNGEON BASTARD once again has to step in here to SAVE THE DAY.

In ADDITION to a scintillating cocktail reception and front row-seat at the ceremony, I am also delving in to my PERSONAL collection of RPG’s to provide the winner a copy of:

The original AD&D Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide

Douglas Niles rips the Underdark a new one in this 128-page CLASSIC.

Includes detailed instructions on how to draw your own isometric maps!




I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City!

Yeah, yeah it’s got a gnome of the cover, but I’m pretty sure that gnome is going to get CRUSHED by a giant frog and/or crocodile at any moment.

This is sandbox-style DUNGEON CRUSHING at it’s finest. Who needs a plot? Wander at random and kill mongrelmen!!




The SILVER ENnie Award-winning adventure Pleasure Prison of the B’thuvian Demon Whore.



You will also be awarded your own PERSONAL set of Dungeon Bastard sweatbands and indoctrinated SWORN IN to the Badass Dungeon Crushers Association as an UBER ELITE MEMBER by the Dungeon Bastard himself.

Finally, to prove your status, my web monkeys will photoshop your face into this UBER ELITE banner for use on social media and business cards!

Are you BARBARIAN enough to be an Uber Elite member of the Badass Dungeon Crushers Association??

GAMERS, there are LESS THAN 18 hours left. Bid now and all this could be yours!!

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