The Official Dungeon Bastard HEROSCAPE Card

3rd-Level Dwarven Skullcrusher JD Scott writes:

Occasionally, while we’re waiting for everyone to arrive for the D&D Session (Or our token bad player is rolling up his 64th Half-elf Half-gnome Druidic Bard) We will play a quick game of Heroscape to pass the time. However, the game has always lacked something in Bad Assness. Then it hit me! There’s no Dungeon Bastard in the game! So, I customized a card & did a quick repaint on a mini. Now the game’s cool.

 You can check out more of his work over at the Turtlewurx Deviant Art page!

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  1. tensider says:

    The DB should also get an automatic two skull bonus to attacks on half-elves and gnomes. It is an “assumed to be there because, really” power and shouldn’t even be listed on the card.

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