Edition Wars

Since Wizards of the Coast announced the launch of a new version of D&D, the fires have been stoked for a new round of “Edition Wars.”

As a PROFESSIONAL ADVENTURE COACH I feel it’s my duty to weigh in.


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5 Responses to Edition Wars

  1. Andrew French says:

    Well said, sir. This is my first exposure to your words of wit and wisdom, but I suspect I’ll be watching more of your videos mighty soon. :)

  2. Kyzug says:

    I believe I saw a Bill Cavalier doppelgänger on the latest direct tv comercial. “don’t have a grandson with a dog collar.”

    Does this foul beast need to be put down, or is it, in fact one of your thralls?

  3. Velegost says:

    Nerds and geeks cant help but rage and fight over stupid BS…its in our nature

  4. I’ve read several comments on the D&D Next playtest message board which suggest that Wizards of the Coast release new copies of all the D&D rules sets and focus solely on providing content for those in order to please fans of every edition. Nothing new, just bolstering the good old, time-tested systems each of us, in some personal way, enjoys. How do you feel about this option?

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