The Dungeon Bastard’s Guide to Racial Profiling – HALFLINGS

Creating a PC is a difficult process — kind of like making fondue. You don’t want to burn the cheese, and if you’re not careful, you’ll knock that can of Sterno all over the table and honestly: no one wants to be set on fire and splashed with molten Gouda when they’re only first level.

To help navigate the minefield of choices before you, I’ve created The Dungeon Bastard’s Guide to Racial Profiling. It’s a quick primer on how to choose (or, more importantly NOT to choose) the race for your next character.

Set your game on fire, not the other way around!

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5 Responses to The Dungeon Bastard’s Guide to Racial Profiling – HALFLINGS

  1. fortsave says:

    You’re pretty focused on the character fluff instead of the mechanics. There are lots of combat bonuses you can leverage to make an awesome halfling if you’re up to the challenge. +1 size bonus to AC and attack rolls, +2 dex, and +1 racial bonus to attack rolls with thrown weapons is nothing to sneeze at. My rogue/fighter/whisperknife/master thrower is basically a living machine gun that shoots throwing knives instead of bullets, which is as badass as any sword. Being small means you can stab more enemies in the yambag. I have tactical feats and class features that let me target multiple adjacent enemies with each attack; throw multiple knives at once and add Int to damage; do sneak attacks against their flat-footed, touch AC; and make all ranged attacks without provoking attacks of opportunity. There are lots of defensive bonuses, too. Halflings can be cool, you just have to know how to make them and stay away from the Tolkien fluff.

  2. I refuse to play any race which forces you to pause during character creation and ask yourself “Yeah, but does this guy shave his feet?”

    • fortsave says:

      Does the shaven status of their feet give combat bonuses or penalties? Nope! It doesn’t require a second of thought. Mine wears boots of striding and springing anyhow.

    • Zigg says:

      They won’t need a podiatrist though – podiatrists are for shoe-mangled feet.

      Plus my DM says my halfling is immune to caltrops on the grounds that the skin of his feet is like steel.

  3. Qumster says:

    DB, I agree heartily with you about halflings in standard settings, but what about DarkSun Halflings? I think playing a bloodthirsty 4 foot tribal cannibal isn’t backed by PC-fluff in any other setting, and I think it’s pretty badass – foir Halflings, I mean!

    “So, what does your character look like?”
    -“Oh well, she’s bald, fat, about 4’1″, her teeth are rasped sharp like that of a sandshark, the hair on her feet is knotted to dreadlocks held together by elven fingerbones, and she wears a vest and skirt stitched from tanned gnome-skins!
    And she kills other hairfoots that wear braids or dreads on their heads on sight.”

    I’d pay money to see those faces around the table^^

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