The Bastard storms GEN CON!

The Bastard storms Gen Con! Hollywood has taken over Comic Con, but there’s one place where you can still sample geek culture in its pure, unadulterated form: GEN CON!

30,000 nerds descend on Indianapolis like a pack of stirges attacking a 2nd-level magic-user. That guy can only cast so many magic missiles!

The Dungeon Bastard is proud to announce he will be there, wandering the Exhibit Hall, sampling pickup games in the hotel lobbies, and whipping players into shape for the NASCRAG tournament. This tournament may be the Bastard’s toughest challenge yet. It’s no straightforward hack-fest, it’s a potent blend of role-playing and puzzle-solving. It’s like the Bizarro-world version of the D&D Open!

So if you are at Gen Con Indy this week, keep your eyes peeled. You may just have a random encounter with THE DUNGEON BASTARD.

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