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Join me at GameHoleCon for the World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl!

HELLO GAMERS! In two short days I’ll be making the journey to Madison, Wisconsin for the 2nd Annual GameHole Con. Last year’s festivities were an unparalleled mix of old school and new school gaming and this year they are continuing to raise the … Continue reading

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FIREBALL of WISDOM: 26 Adventure Hooks

GAMERS, on my way back from Gen Con I got bored and put a call out on Twitter to send me a monster and I’d send back a hook. Well RUN FOR COVER so-called Dungeon “Masters”, it’s time for a FIREBALL of WISDOM. … Continue reading

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Exclusive Gen Con Preview – The CRITS or FAILS Coin!

GAMERS, the fine folks at Campaign Coins make some PRETTY SWEET accessories for your gaming table. (If you play Fate, you owe it to yourself to check out the tokens in their current Kickstarter.) Well, sound the Horn of Nerdhalla, because … Continue reading

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Embrace your RAGE…

Gamers, we are getting EVER CLOSER to the launch of the new Dungeons & Dragons this August at Gen Con. We’ve seen a variety of previews and even a full release of the Basic D&D Rules but ONE thing has given … Continue reading

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Join me at GameHoleCon in Madison this November!

HELLO GAMERS! I’m proud to say I’ll be appearing ONCE AGAIN at the 2nd Annual GameHole Con in Madison, Wisconsin this November. AS YOU MAY RECALL last year was an absolute blast and this year they are bringing in an ALL-STAR … Continue reading

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The OVERLY Critical Hit Deck!

Gamers, people often ask me: What do I do when I’m in the THICK OF COMBAT and I roll a one? My answer: I’ll let you know when I find out. But when OTHER people in my party roll a … Continue reading

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Ask the Bastard – XP

GAMERS, do you EARN experience points or does your RAT BASTARD DM just IGNORE your GLORIOUS EFFORTS and arbitrarily AWARD you levels at his stingy, piteous whim?? Check out this LATEST installment of ASK THE BASTARD as I go DEEP … Continue reading

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Ask the Bastard – PRESTIGE CLASSES

Some people see the core rules as SACRED and don’t bother with all the friddle-fraddle of those convoluted Prestige Classes. OTHER people see Prestige Classes as the ideal way to refine and fulfill their vision of a truly unique and … Continue reading

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GameHole Con 2013 RECAP

…wherein I emerge from the GameHole a stronger, better bastard. Gamers, last week was the inaugural GameHoleCon in Madison, Wisconsin and let’s GET THIS OUT OF THE WAY right off the bat: yeah, “GameHole” is an awkward name with some … Continue reading

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Kickstarting the World’s WORST Dungeon Crawl!

HELLO, GAMERS.  Today I am proud to announce the launch of my latest project, The World’s WORST Dungeon Crawl! It’s part adventure, part live event, and ALL AWESOME. With your support I will start with a cliched “Save the Princess” premise, … Continue reading

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